The Zynect Story

Established in 2010 in Ithaca, NY

In 2010 a group of Cornell female lab professionals started a book club. On a sunny May day these women hosted a family party. Two of the husbands struck up a conversation and quickly realized they were both tech enthusiasts. That introduction led to the formation of Zynect®. Both motivated by useful technology and a sustainable future, the sensor guys Vic Aprea and Dirk Swart teamed up to make a difference.

Our Brands

Air Quality Monitors

Cultivating a citizen science community of clean air advocates, and providing educator tools to increase STEM classroom engagement.

Tech Kits & Engineering Services

Providing building blocks for innovation through DIY tech kits. Supporting companies with their software engineering needs..

Smartphone Connected Sensors

Connecting individuals and organizations with actionable information via wireless sensors and a customized alert system.