Zynect Sensors: Thermote, Thermote X, and Soilmote

The latest wireless sensors: Monitor temperature, humidity, and soil moisture remotely from anywhere. Connect via Wi-Fi or LoRaWAN.

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Zynect Sensors: Thermote Uses

Wireless Temperature Sensor

-77°F to 257°F

Popular Uses: Refrigerators/Freezers, Hot Tubs/Pools, RVs, Greenhouses, HVAC

Zynect Sensors: Thermote X Uses

Wireless NIST Traceable Freezer Sensor

-328°F to 392°F

Popular Uses: Ultra-Low Freezers, Incubators, Ovens, Laboratory Use, Hospitals

Zynect Sensors: Soilmote Uses

Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor

0 to 100% Volumetric Water Content

Popular Uses: House Plants, Home Gardens, Golf Courses, Vineyards, Irrigation Systems

The Zynect Sensors Mobile App and Web Based Portal

At Zynect, we believe in actionable information. We’re connecting you with whatever you want to monitor and delivering data through our easy to use mobile app and web portal. Customizable alerts sent directly to your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. The web portal allows you to access your data from your desktop or laptop. We’re working towards a sustainable future and have a sense you are too.

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Our Happy Customers!

“The Thermote saved our food when our cooler was malfunctioning. I wouldn’t run a restaurant with out it. All restaurant owners should own one. “​

Kevin and Corey, Owners of Bickering Twins

“The Thermote X allows me to delegate freezer management to my PhD students while maintaining peace of mind that I will also receive alerts if the temperature goes out of range.”​

Lab Manager, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

“I am very satisfied with the Soilmote. I use them to keep an eye on my crawl space foundation, which might be a little bit different than what most people use them for.”​

Ross B.