Frequently Asked Questions

We have written a blog post on how text alerts work and what you can do to test out the alerts. Please see our blog post here on this: https://www.zynect.com/help/2021/03/31/how-can-i-force-a-test-alert/
When you sign up for an account with the Zynect app, you need to validate your account. An email will be sent with a link to click. If you do not see the email, please check your spam folder. This should solve your problem.
Check that your network password is correct. Make sure your network name (SSID) is correct. Check that your security type is correct for your network. Make sure that both your phone and your sensor are within range of your Wi-Fi network.
In most situations this error is related to a network rule in place. If you are attempting to connect to a network in a professional setting, you may need to contact your IT administrator to allow the Zynect sensor access to connect to the network.
Your battery life depends on the conditions it is put in and how often your sensor is reporting data. Extreme hot or extreme cold can drain your batteries quickly. We recommend only placing the probe in the environment you wish to monitor and keeping the enclosure outside of your equipment.
Once the batteries have been changed, you must use the reset magnet to reset the sensor once the new batteries are installed. This will update the time on your app.
Yes. Zynect sensors are IP67, meaning they are water and dust proof. We suggest not immersing the body of the sensor into water for long periods of time. Getting wet periodically will not hurt the sensor.
At the present time monitoring all sensors is done through the Zynect App. You do have the option to send data via email to yourself or others through the app.
The Wi-Fi setting does not need a base station. The ultra long range LoRaWAN setting does need a base station, available separately in the shop. You can switch between LoRaWAN and Wi-Fi whenever you like, as often as you like.
The Thermote is accurate to within 2 degrees or 2%, and can easily be recalibrated using an ice bath – this feature is included in the phone app as a one button “calibrate” step. After recalibration the Thermote will be accurate to 0.5 degrees C and the Thermote X to 1 degree C.
The three AA batteries included with your Zynect sensor purchase last up to two years. You can monitor the battery life via the mobile app. Receive power updates once an hour, plus there is a pre programmed low battery warning.
It’s quick and easy to set up your Zynect sensor. Directions are included with the device and takes approximately 1-5 minutes via Bluetooth and your smartphone. If you have not gotten it set up in 15 minutes, please email support@zynect.com
Nope! Your Zynect sensor purchase includes the free mobile app with unlimited data logging history and unlimited users.
All Zynect sensors come with a magnet. The purpose of the magnet is to re-enter configuration mode. Configuration mode is what allows you to go back into the setup tab on your App. Please keep your magnet in a safe place to have it handy when needed.