LoRaWAN Base Station

LoRaWAN Base Station

Long-range signal up to 2 miles

All of the Zynect sensors run on a Wi-Fi connection for easy wireless connectivity. But what happens when you need long range and your sensor no longer picks up the Wi-Fi signal? This is where LoRaWAN comes in.

When you connect a LoRaWAN Gateway to your Wi-Fi, the signal can reach up to 2 miles, with an open landscape and no obstructions.

There are a few things we want you to keep in mind when using a LoRaWAN Gateway for the best experience. 

  • The gateway we offer is for indoor use only. Using it outdoors in extreme temperatures may impact your gateway signal and may cause damage to the gateway. 
  • The gateway is configured to The Things Network. If you were to purchase a gateway  outside of what Zynect offers to connect your Zynect sensors, we recommend seeking technical support from a local IT person to get you set up. 
  • In addition, placing the gateway and sensor as high up as you can will help the devices work together to give you longer distance coverage. 

That is LoraWAN in a nutshell. We have covered what it is, how to use it, and how to set it up. As always if you have any questions about our LoRaWAN gateway or any of our sensors, please reach out to support@zynect.com