Wireless Temperature Sensor

Measures -77°F to 257°F (-55°C to 125°C)

Red Thermote, wireless temperature sensor

Thermote Wireless Temperature Sensor: Remote Monitoring: Reduce Waste, Improve Response

The perfect tool to give you peace of mind. Remotely monitor your property or equipment. Set it and forget it. Receive custom alerts to your smartphone based on easy to set alert levels. Download complete audit history.

Update: We offer 2 variations of the Thermote. One that connects to Wi-Fi only and one that has the option to switch between Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN gives you the option for longer range monitoring. For more information on LoRaWAN please click here.

All Zynect sensors are IP67 rated – Water and dust proof!

Take a look at this quick video for an overview of the Thermote!

Thermote Features; wireless temperature sensor

Thermote App and Portal Screenshots

Thermote App Screenshots; wireless temperature sensor
Thermote App Screenshots 2; wireless temperature sensor
Thermote App Screenshots 3; wireless temperature sensor
Thermote App Screenshots 4; wireless temperature sensor

Are you concerned about your food storage failing and losing thousands of dollars in inventory?

Put your mind and wallet at ease by installing the Thermote to your food storage equipment. Receive text message alerts if your equipment gets too warm or too cold (you choose the custom temperature range). Avoid thousands of dollars of food waste by receiving a real-time alert when your freezer starts to fail. Food inspector stopping by? Share a .csv file with temperature history to prove your food safety compliance.

Do you have a second home you want to monitor the temperature of while you are away?

Install a Thermote and share a unique share code with a neighbor. If the temperature drops or gets too hot, be alerted via text message. You will have peace of mind that your home is safe while you aren’t there. It is also perfect to monitor pools or hot tubs for the same reason! If you are away you can be alerted when temperatures change.

Do you travel with your pets in an RV?

The Thermote is perfect for those who have a Wi-Fi connection (Including hot spots) and want to monitor their pets while away exploring. Be alerted if it gets too hot (or cold!) for your pet. *The Thermote is not a medical device or safety of life device*